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Innovative Casino Games with Allbet Malaysia Through Live Dealers of Asia & Europe

Allbet Malaysia was established in 2014, and just after its establishment, it became the most popular and most entertaining betting QQ Keno game all over Asia. In the initial stage of Allbet Gaming, it was just for the Asian Casino market. Still, over time, Allbet Gaming’s popularity increased, reaching the European market. Now, European players can also access these games. Over the past few years, Allbet Malaysia has followed market trends very closely, providing players with an online remote mobile gaming platform. Allbet 168 has extended its business to a higher level. They have set up VIP electronic bidding lounges and brought different play modes, such as the probability in Malaysia.

Allbet Asia is a relatively new development in Asia as it was established in 2014. As it was not accessible in the European market at its initial stages, but later on, a license issued by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), Allbet Asia is now accessible in the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority.

Allbet Malaysia is a company that has always been about coming up with new ideas. So, following their path, they are now working to provide their player with love dealer & Fishing War games that nobody is offering. This step proves that Allbet Casino is an innovator in this industry. They try to add something unique to each – such as a multi-play function allowing one to monitor up to 12 scorecards and display 4, 8, 16, or 32 tables on the screen.

Like most Asian casino developers, Allbet Malaysia is looking forward to filling its lobbies with as much information as possible. Allbet Casino follows the same steps. Their interface may look a bit clustered, but in return, you will see many details on display that you would have to look for otherwise. Experienced players who prefer the authenticity of the gaming experience will always enjoy the multi-table gaming environment. Allbet Malaysia dealers are attractive, beautifully dressed females who always respect the player’s needs. As for the games, you will see a lot of Baccarat Tables, all of the Allbet games, live dragon tiger, and a few more surprising games for you.

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1- Live Baccarat by Allbet:

Baccarat is very popular among Asian gamblers, which is why Allbet Malaysia has invested so much time and effort in making their gaming options according to every player’s interests. Standard and non-commission offer live Baccarat using eight decks and a variety of side betting features, including Player and Banker Pairs (11:1), Small and Big. When the cards are drawn, you will see a digital image appear on the top left corner, making them perfectly visible.

A prominent and visible counter has been added just to ensure that you can place the right bet at the right time and play online Allbet very comfortably. Live streams take up most of the screen. Below are five standard road maps. On the right, you’ll find a thoughtful menu that provides access to the game rules: schedule limits, playlists, and a quick way to contact a support representative. The Allbet Logo and interface have good visibility, so experienced players always like to play online Allbet.

When you play Allbet 2022, you will see a 918Kiss game menu in the bottom left corner of your screen. By pressing the button, you will see an overview you have not seen before. This overview will show you all-time rankings of winnings, winning rates of players, a list of all the popular tables by analyzing the number of players, and all those based on successive banker/player and significant or minor results. These are some of the newest features you will see when you play Allbet 2022.

2- Live Dragon Tiger by Allbet Malaysia:

You will see that most of the Allbet Malaysia developers describe Dragon Tiger as a poker game, but it is not quite right. We will say that Dragon Tiger is much similar to Baccarat. Dragon Tiger and Baccarat’s only difference is that only one card is dealt with on each side. This game offers only basic bets by using six decks. Both dragons and tigers even pay money and tie, which pays 8:1. 96.30% is the highest RTP rate for Dragon and Tiger.

3- Live sic BO by Allbet Malaysia:

Three dice are used in live Sic Bo, played in a machine-operated glass container. Betting on the outcome is the goal, and there are many different betting options to choose from. Sic Bo Live payments can reach 150:1 and higher with specific triples, which is expected.

The layout is almost identical to Live Baccarat, except for the history panel that shows odds/evens, sums, and individual dice numbers. Allbet Malaysia offers this as one of its most popular games.

4- Live Roulette By Allbet Malaysia:

This is more like the European-style single zero games offered by Allbet Asia. In this game, the video feed will show you a dealer standing next to a physical wheel and a zoom button that lets you have a closer look at the spinning action whenever you choose to.

The digital betting table is shown on the right. The track below can also be used to place French bets such as third cylinder, zero neighbour zero, etc. The detailed history below shows the results of the last 50 races, including an overview of red/black, big/small, and dozen/column. Can make better decisions based on odd/even outcomes (for those who believe that luck plays an essential role in winning in roulette).

Allbet Malaysia Live Roulette on Dafabet has a bet limit of €1 to €10 for live bets and €5 to €500 for money bets.

5- Wallet Allbet:

Technology advances and products are aimed at simplifying our lives and making them more enjoyable. Payment solutions have become more diverse and adaptable and have gone way beyond the concept of running a bank for money. In Allbet Malaysia, the game is funded by different methods, and live casino games offer a wide range of payment methods that you can use without any hassle. The most obvious way you can use credit cards and Debit cards, but there are other options in Allbet Wallet. The most popular among them are Electronic wallets or E-Wallets.

A virtual wallet keeps your money safe just like a genuine wallet that you would keep on your person, and it serves the same purpose: stopping you from having to use your bank every time you need money. Casino players can use these wallets to make deposits at live casinos without revealing their financial information. You can make deposits like when you buy groceries: take your wallet out of your pocket and pay. Even better, these electronic wallet services are easy to use, and registering is usually free. Instant deposits are the most significant benefit. Moreover, many live casinos provide bonuses and discounts for depositing using e-wallets.